Jan 9, 2012

NO Free fencing today 9.1.

Free fencing for today, Monday, is cancelled.

Jan 7, 2012

Beginners courses spring 2012

Beginners course for Historical European Martial Arts or HEMA begins on Monday 13.2. and lasts for four weeks with two training sessions per week (Monday and Friday). It will cover the basics in moving and body mechanics, advancing to techniques according to master Fiore dei Liberi in grappling, dagger, longsword and spear. Course is K15 and can hold 10 people, in order of sign up.

Beginners course for Olympic fencing in epee begins on Wednesday 15.2. and lasts for eight weeks with one training session per week (Wednesday). It will cover footwork and basic techniques. Course is K13 and can hold 10 people, in order of sign up.

Beginners course is 70€/50€, including annual membership and access to both HEMA and Olympic fencing beginners courses in the same period. Check the "Schedule" for times and changes.

You'll need indoors sports clothes and shoes. Shower available.

Sign up to akuusiniemi@gmail.com

Membership and fees for old members due in January

Old  members that want to continue training please pay Your membership for 2012 and required fees for spring period during January. Look at "Pricing 2012" and act accordingly. Also, please consider acquiring the H-license for training insurance.

Jan 6, 2012

HEMA exhibition and info event 11.2.

On Saturday 11.2. VaMi presents an exhibition and information event on Historical European Martial Arts at our salle.
Doors open at 13:00.
We begin at 14:00 and continue to around 15:00. You have time for questions untill doors close at 16:00.

Jan 1, 2012

VaMi is back!

Training will continue as normal, starting 9.1.2012. A demonstration on the systems we train is due sometime in the beginning of February, soon after which the beginners courses will begin. Stay tuned!