Oct 6, 2016

New training schedule for Longsword!

Hello everyone!

Since we are lucky to have a lot of participants (yey!) that means we all have different levels of experience, so we are changing the training schedule to make sure that the teachings are appropriate for both beginners and members alike. This way the teaching will hopefully not be too hard and confusing, nor too easy. Instead, there should always be something for everyone.

The times remain the same but the contents are the following:

Mondays 18:30:
Beginner's course and continuation, Theory and the source Manuscripts. Currently focusing on the teachings of Fiore dei Liberi. No previous experience needed.

Wednesdays 18:30

Advanced lessons, Drills and Exercises, own Feder recommended. Quite high pace and not a lot of explaining, so be prepared to be confused and/or tired afterwards. Sparring from 19:30.

Thursdays 18:30

Drills and exercises at full speed and in full gear. The goal is to transfer the drills into your fighting so you can use it in practice, not just theory. Own gear recommended. Sparring from 19:30.

As always, please come as often as you want even if you do not have your own gear. It is always possible to train even if you do not yet have your own gear or don't feel like you want to sparr yet.

As Liechtenauer taught: "Your exercise does well without the art, but the art is not much good without the exercise". Only half the Salle will normally be reserved for sparring so there is always room to train. The Pells are always ready, and practice makes perfect.

See you all at the Salle!


Sep 7, 2016

Longsword beginners course! Pitkämiekan alkeiskurssi! Nybörjarkurs i långsvärd!

VaMi will be offering a beginners course weekend-seminar in longsword Sat 24.09 - Sun 25.09!
The schedule both days is 10-12 and 13-15.

The course is suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience with longsword. The age-limit is 14 years.

The price is 75 euros, (50 euros if you are over 18 and a Student/Unemployed). In the course price is included free participation in training sessions until the end of the year.

To sign up, or for more information, send an email to vamiry@gmail.comYour participation is guaranteed after you have received a reply and through that paid the participation fee. 10 places available, so do not hesitate!


VaMi pitää pitkämiekan alkeiskurssi La 24.09 - Su 25.09!
Aikataulu molemmat päivät on klo 10-12 ja 13-15.

Kurssi sopii yli 14 vuotiaille eikä sinulla tarvitse olla kokemusta keskiajan miekkailusta ennestään.

Kurssin hinta on 75 euroa, (50 euroa jos olet yli 18 ja opiskelija/työtön) ja osallistujat voivat kurssin jälkeen ilmaiseksi osallistua seuran harjoituksiin vuoden loppuun asti.

Alkeiskursseille ilmoittautumiset ja tiedustelut osoitteeseen vamiry@gmail.com. Paikkasi on varattu kun olet saanut vastauksen ja sen kautta maksanut osallistumismaksun. 10 paikkaa tarjolla. Nopeat syövät hitaat!


VaMi håller en nybörjarkurs i långsvärd Lö 24.09 - Sö 25.09!
Kursen hålls kl. 10-12 och 13-15 båda dagarna.

Kursen är lämplig för nybörjare och åldersgränsen är 14 år. Ingen tidigare erfarenhet av långsvärd behövs.

Priset är 75 euro (50 ifall du är över 18 och arbetslös/studerande) och deltagare kan efter kursen utan kostnad fritt delta i träningar till slutet av året.

För att anmäla dig, eller för att få mera information, kontakta oss på vamiry@gmail.com. Din plats är reserverad då ditt mail har besvarats och du via det betalat deltagaravgiften. 10 första ryms med, så tveka inte!

Aug 27, 2016

HEMA training has resumed!

HEMA training in longsword for members has now started again after the summer break! Come and strike down your fellow members. :)

Training times are:

Mondays, 18:30: New material
Wednesdays, 18:30: Manuscript study and Theory
Thursdays, 18:30: Sparring

The Longsword beginners course will most likely start at the middle/end of September. Probably as a weekend course with optional monday trainings for 10 weeks after that. 

More info on that coming soon!

Aug 11, 2016

VaMi at Vaasa's Night of Arts

VaMi will be participating in the Night of Arts where we will have a small booth next to the City Hall. Come by and say hi!

If you are interested in a beginner's course, make sure to check this page later on! The next beginner's course will be held during early Autumn and info will be added here when available. You can sign up for receiving email updates through the link on the right. Also check out our facebook page here.

Jan 16, 2016

Members Area now opened!

A separate page has now been added for VaMi members where things like training videos can be accessed. The videos and any other resources are only available through the link on the page and the page is only accessible with the password. You can find the Members Area from the main menu. Analysis of the videos is encouraged! :)