To check what to pay, simply use the fee calculator below.

The annual Membership fee is 50€/40€, and is paid in the Spring. When you participate in a beginner's course, the membership fee for that year is included.

Salle fee (required for all) is 50€/40€ per period. If you have participated in a beginner's course, the membership fee for that period (Spring or Autumn) is included.

Equipment fee is 50€/40€ per period. (If you use your own mask, weapon, glove and jacket, then you don't have to pay this.)

The lower fees mentioned above can be used if you are a student, unemployed or in the Military or Civil Service. You need to be 18 or older to get the discounted price.

Fee calculator

Spring Autumn

18+ years and Unemployed / Student / In Military or Civil Service
I have my own equipment

Total amount to pay:


The account number is NORDEA FI4015283000117056
Reference number is 20080 unless you have been provided with one already.

Please remember to give a reference number in the payment. Without it the payment will not be registered correctly.


Most insurance companies do not cover HEMA unless the insurance is specifically taken for that purpose. This means you usually need an extended sports insurance from your own insurance company. Even though we have never had any serious injusry at VaMi, please make sure you are covered.


Beginners course pricing depends on the content/subject. The price of a certain beginner's course is shown during sign-up, and often includes membership and access to training after the course during that spring or fall period. Access to study materials on the VaMi website is through password given through the beginners course.

Beginners' courses change according to resources and interest. Look for news on the front page.


Groups can ask for private evenings, max 10ppl.
50€ base fee + 10€ per person.