Olympic fencing at VaMi

NOTE: As of 2016, VaMi has no plans for any beginner's courses due to scheduling problems and trainer availability. If anything changes however, information will be posted on the main page of this site.

If you already have participated in an Epee course and have experience fencing, please contact VaMi to check if there is any training held!

Olympic fencing is a term used for competitive sports fencing of
modern day. There are three olympic weapons; foil, epee and sabre.

VaMi has gear for epee, but if people with sabre or foil experience wish to fence with their weapon, that is usually possible.

To train you’ll need indoors sports clothes (long trousers) and shoes.

If / when you want to enter competitions then your own kit is required, consisting of preferably two weapons (you get a yellow card for weapon not working; two yellows is a red card and a point to the opponent), mask, plastron, jacket, pants, socks, glove and body cord. And of course shoes but those can be any indoor shoes, though actual fencing shoes are best for the job. All in all a kit will cost about 300-600€. Fencing IS an equipment oriented sport.

We have an age limit of 14 years for participating in Olympic fencing training.

Good place to start:
Olympic fencing at Wikipedia

Finnish Fencing and Pentathlon Association:

Our most often used equipment vendor in Finland:
Oulun Miekkailutarvike