Oct 6, 2016

New training schedule for Longsword!

Hello everyone!

Since we are lucky to have a lot of participants (yey!) that means we all have different levels of experience, so we are changing the training schedule to make sure that the teachings are appropriate for both beginners and members alike. This way the teaching will hopefully not be too hard and confusing, nor too easy. Instead, there should always be something for everyone.

The times remain the same but the contents are the following:

Mondays 18:30:
Beginner's course and continuation, Theory and the source Manuscripts. Currently focusing on the teachings of Fiore dei Liberi. No previous experience needed.

Wednesdays 18:30

Advanced lessons, Drills and Exercises, own Feder recommended. Quite high pace and not a lot of explaining, so be prepared to be confused and/or tired afterwards. Sparring from 19:30.

Thursdays 18:30

Drills and exercises at full speed and in full gear. The goal is to transfer the drills into your fighting so you can use it in practice, not just theory. Own gear recommended. Sparring from 19:30.

As always, please come as often as you want even if you do not have your own gear. It is always possible to train even if you do not yet have your own gear or don't feel like you want to sparr yet.

As Liechtenauer taught: "Your exercise does well without the art, but the art is not much good without the exercise". Only half the Salle will normally be reserved for sparring so there is always room to train. The Pells are always ready, and practice makes perfect.

See you all at the Salle!