Mar 2, 2018

Pitkämiekan alkeiskurssi Maaliskuussa! Nybörjarkurs i långsvärd i Mars! Longsword beginners course in March!

VaMi pitää keskiajan pitkämiekan alkeiskurssi La 14.04 - Su 15.04 klo 10-15!

Huomioi uusi aika!

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VaMi håller nybörjarkurser i långsvärd Lö 14.04 - Sö 15.04 kl 10-15!

Note the new time!

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VaMi will be holding a weekend course in Longsword Sat 14.04 - Sun 15.04 at 10-15!

Note the new time!

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Feb 15, 2018

VaMi training Schedule from 15.02.2018

Hello everyone!

The times remain the same but the contents are the following:

Mondays 18:30:
German Longsword - Beginner's course and continuation. Teachings on a set topic from German sources. Everyone welcome!

Wednesdays 18:30

Italian Longsword - Beginner's course and continuation. Teachings on a set topic from Italian sources. Everyone welcome!

Thursdays 18:00 
Sword and Buckler - Currently going through Liegniczer and soon to continue with I.33 manuscript. ~6 months experience with Longsword is recommended but only enforced if there are a lot of participants.

Thursdays 18:30

Sparring - Drills and exercises at full speed and in full gear. Own gear and weapon recommended. The goal is to transfer the drills into your fighting so you can use it in practice, not just theory. If there are drills, they are quite high pace and not a lot of explaining, so be prepared to be confused and/or tired afterwards.

As always, please come as often as you want even if you do not have your own gear. It is always possible to train even if you do not yet have your own gear or don't feel like you want to sparr yet.

As Liechtenauer taught: "Your exercise does well without the art, but the art is not much good without the exercise". Only half the Salle will normally be reserved for sparring so there is always room to train. The Pells are always ready, and (perfect) practice makes perfect.

See you all at the Salle!


Jan 27, 2018

Pitkämiekan alkeiskurssit! Nybörjarkurser i långsvärd! Longsword beginners courses!

Alkaen 03.02 järjestetään keskiajan pitkämiekan alkeiskurssi 7-13 vuotiaille. Kurssi pidetään joka lauantai klo 12-13:30. Vanhempi voi myös osallistua kurssiin jos haluaa. Kurssi pidetään kesäloman asti ja maksaa 100 euroa (+25 euroa jos vanhempi haluaa osallistua).

Ilmoittaudu kurssiin


Fr.o.m 03.02 hålls nybörjarkurs i medeltida långsvärd för yngre deltagare 7-13 år varje lördag kl 12-13:30. En förälder kan även delta i kursen ifall man vill. Kursen hålls till sommarlovet och kostar 100 euro (+25 euro ifall en förälder vill delta).

Anmäl dig till kursen


Starting 03.02 there will be a beginners course in medieval Longsword for younger participants aged 7-13 years, held every Saturday at 12-13:30. A parent can also participate in the course if they wish. The course is held until the end of November and has a price of 100 euros (+25 if a parent wants to participate).

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